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Signup and set your goals

Signup for cysense and tell us about your business, so we can build a custom security strategy for your organisation. After signing up, you will:

  • Fill out a quick onboarding survey.
  • Set your security goals.
  • Integrate your existing technology.

Cysense will use this data to take a snapshot of your current security posture and build a cyber roadmap for you to achieve your security goals.



Your task roadmap

Cysense will provide you with an easy to follow task list to achieve your security goals. The cysense tasks are:

  • Clear and prescriptive, removing the need to do extra research and reducing decision fatigue.
  • Simple, and understandable. You don't need to be a security expert to secure your organisation with cysense.
  • Detailed. Cysense provides all the context required so you know why a certain task needs to be completed.

Monitoring and communication

Continuously monitor your security posture

Once you have achieved your target security posture, cysense will continuously monitor your controls and make sure you stay on track. If cysense detects deviations from your policies, a task will be created and assigned to the relevant owner to resolve the issue.

You can also use cysense to communicate and demonstrate your security program to stakeholders. Use cysense to:

  • Demonstrate to customers and partners that you are secure.
  • Show auditors that you are meeting compliance or regulatory requirements.
  • Communicate your security status to your board and investors.
Grow your company

Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements

Easily meet the various requirements your business has so you can get back to growing your business.

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