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Your goals are our priority

We take pride in our 100% certification rate thus far.
By understanding you, and your unique business circumstances, we ensure a security program tailored to your size and the best experience possible throughout your certification journey.


How much time it takes

cysense has helped fully dedicated teams to achieve certifications in weeks. Teams taking their sweet time do it comfortably in 3-6 months. Our customers receive a customised roadmap to build a security program that fits your organisation's technology.


Use resources efficiently

Your team wouldn't need more than 20 hrs a week. Our industry experts will help you all along the way, during implementation, audits, and beyond in your security monitoring and strategy.


Give assurance

Go beyond box ticking and go security first.
Make the most of your ISO investment with cysense monitoring your security program and helping you communicate it to stakeholders beyond your certificate.

What steps are required for ISO 27001?

The cysense platform and industry experts will help you all along the way, during implementation, audits, and beyond in your security monitoring and strategy.


Risk Assessment

A great place to start your journey is knowing your company and requirements, what are your assets? What are your risks? We help you perform a risk assessment and recommend controls appropriate to your stage, industry, and risk profile. 


Implementation & monitoring

Implementation is about defining and adopting policies and processes. Have a clear step-by-step view of the whole implementation and gain access to best practice documentation to utilise in your journey.

You can also implement controls with one click and save time by gathering evidence within the platform.


Monitoring & Internal Audit

Certificates are not a "one-off"  exercise, control monitoring is a continuous requirement. Connect your technology to cysense and monitor everything in one place and one glance. 

With cysense continuous monitoring your team can do periodic reviews of the state of your cybersecurity program.

Use our complete plan to get a yearly internal audit (requirement) and determine your certification readiness.


External Audit

You're not on your own. cysense is in contact with you through all stages of your external audit.

Collect and sort evidence automatically with the platform so your auditor requests are painless.

You can use cysense auditor partners or bring your own selected auditor. 

We empower companies to achieve more.

"As a cyber security start-up, we have limited resources. Cysense made it a breeze to prepare for ISO 27001 certification. Without cysense it would have taken us 3x longer and cost at least 10x as much."

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