How do I pronounce cysense?

Cysense is pronounced the same way we pronounce Cybersecurity. Also, like Psyduck. Psy - Sense!

What does cysense do?

We are a cybersecurity platform for startups and SMEs. Our mission is to make cybersecurity accessible for organisations of all sizes.

Where are you based?

We are based in Singapore and the US, however, our product can be used anywhere in the world.

I don’t have a security professional on my team. Can I still use your product?

Congratulations on taking the proactive step towards securing your organisation!

Cysense was built to simplify cybersecurity. Our platform makes security easy enough to understand that you don't need a specialist on your team to begin securing your organisation.

When will your product be released?

Thank you for your interest! The beta version is scheduled to be released in November. We will be continuously adding new features to keep your organisation safe. In the meantime, you may sign up for our waitlist here. 

Product FAQ

How will cysense help me?

There are multiple use-cases for cysense, but ultimately our goal is to secure your organisation. What you do once you are secure is up to you.  Some of the reasons our clients are securing their businesses are:

  • To reduce the chances and impact of getting hacked.
  • To reduce the likelihood of accidentally leaking sensitive data.
  • To meet regulatory requirements.
  • To simplify and speed up the process of getting certified to standards such as ISO 27001.
  • To demonstrate to customers that their data is secure.
  • To meet the security requirements of their partners.

We understand that there are many reasons an organization wants to be secure, so our platform can help you with any of the above use cases.

Can you help me with ISO 27001?

Yes! The principles of ISO 27001 have been built into our platform so by using our platform you meet many of the ISO 27001 requirements automatically.

Additionally, our Knowledge Base makes the rest of the ISO 27001 requirements clear and provides you with guidance on how you can achieve them.

Finally, we monitor your security performance which is an integral part of the ISO 27001 requirement. By using cysense to monitor your security, you can automate a substantial part of the ISO 27001 program.


Can I change my plan later?

You can change our plan at any time!

What if my company has no one in charge of cybersecurity?

Then cysense is for you. Cysense was built to provide good security to organisations without specialist resources. We make security simple enough that anyone in your team will be able to secure your business.