Webinar: Cybersecurity 101 for Startups

Join us for a panel discussion as we discuss basic cybersecurity concepts, techniques, tools and strategies for startups.

On 27th April, we organised a webinar to share more about how startups can build up their cybersecurity. On top of all the balls startup founders have to juggle, often the security ball is the one we usually let drop until too late.

Join us for a panel discussion with a startup security leaders, cloud security experts, a VC/operator, and experienced startup founders as we discuss basic cybersecurity concepts, techniques, tools and strategies – and how to use these to improve your startup value proposition! Attendees will discuss several easy to execute techniques, concepts, and tools to improve your security without breaking the bank.

Check out the video below to receive tips on how to manage cybersecurity for your business! 


John Kinsella, CTO at cysense


Björn Lindford, Partner at Antler 

Bryce Boland, Head of Security for ASEAN at AWS 

Tobias Klingel, Head of Security at Aspire



Ready for ISO 27001?

A certification can greatly boost the confidence your partners and customers have in your business. Get in touch with us if you have questions you would like answered on your security, or you would like help getting certified as easy as possible.

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