Top 5 Cybersecurity Podcasts You Should Listen To

Here are some cybersecurity podcasts we think you would enjoy!

Cybersecurity can be very overwhelming, especially with so many news and developments taking place every single day. Podcasts are a good form of entertainment while helping you to keep up-to-date with industry developments. Our favourite time to listen to podcasts are definitely when we’re commuting, while driving or even on public transport.

We asked around for recommendations and here is a list of podcasts we really enjoy too, in no particular order of rank.  

  1. Darknet Diaries hosted by Jack Rhysider

Recommended by David O'Brien @ Argos Security and Ivan G @ AWS

Recommended for: Cybersecurity enthusiasts

From 2 separate recommendations, this podcast seems to be a fan favourite. With 6,000 patrons on Patreon, Jack has a strong support of fans, supporting him and his team to help produce bi-weekly podcasts.

Love listening to true crime podcasts? This podcast is perfect for you.
Think of this podcast as a true crime podcast, but one for cybersecurity. It takes you on a detailed journey, explaining how cybercrime takes place, while staying entertaining for listeners.

  1. Unsupervised Learning by Daniel Miessler

Recommended by Adam Selwood @ cynch

Recommended for: Cybersecurity risk analysts

If you enjoy keeping up with the most recent tech, world, and security news, this podcast is for you. With new episodes coming in fresh every Monday morning (Tuesday, if you’re in Singapore), it acts as a good news recap for the past week.

Occasionally, Daniel also uploads audio essays. These topics can run from interviews with special guests to career advice, making it continuously engaging for listeners.

  1. Cloud Security Podcast by Ashish Rajan

Recommended by Jayde Lovell @ CyRise

Recommended for: New to cybersecurity, cybersecurity engineers

With different series of podcasts to cover the many niches of cybersecurity, there will be one to suit your interests. If you’re new to cybersecurity podcasts, they have a “starter series” to get you familiar with topics and podcasts in general. This one is particularly specific to one of the largest attack surfaces: the cloud.

Side note, they have a ‘Head of “Physical” Security and Woofing’ as part of the team. Check out Simba here!

  1. CyRise Sessions Podcast

Recommended by: Kirstin @ CyRise

Recommended for: CEOs, sales representatives, business development etc.

A podcast from the accelerator program we are in, CyRise, it covers entrepreneurial topics around cybersecurity startups. As a startup ourselves, this is a podcast we enjoy listening to as well. Guest speakers are always providing great insights on building a cybersecurity company with solid foundations.

However, if you’re part of the engineering team, you can tune in to understand your colleagues’ work better.

  1. Security Weekly

And of course, we can’t miss out the podcast that our CTO, John, regularly participates in. (If you would like to catch him in action, he appears on Application Security Weekly.)

Similar to Cloud Security Podcast, there are many genres of podcasts you can listen to, depending on your interest and niche of cybersecurity. If you’re a cybersecurity software engineer, this is a podcast network that would be helpful to help you grow and build better.


Those are our top 5 podcasts! It was really hard to select only 5, so here are also some podcasts that we considered and feel still deserve an honorable mention. Some of which are Malicious Life, Google Security Podcast, CYBER, OzCyber Unlocked and SANS StormCast.

A deep thank you to everybody who sent in your recommendations. If you have a top podcast recommendation, do let us know in the comments below!

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