The cysense Intern Experience

A quick chat with Mehak, Yash, and Danyu, our Business Development and Marketing Interns about their life so far at cysense!

Over at cysense’s Singapore office, we were fortunate to have a quick chat with Mehak, Yash, and Danyu, our Business Development and Marketing Interns about their life so far at cysense!

Read more about their experience below 👇

Tell us about your role at cysense.

Mehak: I am a business development and marketing intern at cysense! I work on creating both outbound and inbound marketing campaigns for cysense. Currently working on organising an upcoming webinar (you heard it here first 🤭), it is definitely exciting to be able to oversee these events.

If you are interested to participate in our webinars, please feel free to email us at 😉

Yash: As a sales intern at cysense, I work on the first stage of the sales funnel; Prospecting. I do this via different channels and every day is different, which makes this a very exciting, dynamic role. Come say hi if you received my outreach!

Dany: I am working at cysense as a business development and marketing intern. Currently, I’m focused on generating and sharing fun yet valuable posts for our readers on LinkedIn, including this post you’re reading right now! Do feel free to share in the comments below what you would love to learn about cybersecurity for your business 👇

What have you learned about the cybersecurity industry through your intern experience?

Mehak: The internship at cysense has enabled me to learn more about cybersecurity standards worldwide such as ISO 27001 as well as regional ones such as MAS TRM, MAS Cyber Notices, and the more recent Cybersecurity Certification Scheme by CSA (Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore). Along with that, I have also learned how vibrant the cybersecurity industry is while attending the recent Cyrise Demo Day.

Yash: To begin with, I never truly comprehended the size and potential growth of the cybersecurity industry. In 2021, the industry was valued at USD 150.47 Billion and is forecasted to reach USD 317.02 Billion by 2027, a 13.37% CAGR.

Cysense is in the Security Operations sub-industry and through this internship, I became acquainted with the details of various cybersecurity certifications like ISO 27001, SOC 2, CSA Trustmark, PCI and regulatory frameworks like MAS TRM, PDPA, GDPR etc. Reading the documentation of these certifications and frameworks was very fascinating, as I learnt that these can help companies start their journey on of having proper security measures in place. It was nice to also learn how all these can bring benefits to the business, outside of just having a good security posture.

If you would like to have a chat over knowing more about what cybersecurity can do for you, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

Dany: Although the bulk of my daily tasks pertain to my role as a business development and marketing intern, the supportive work environment at cysense has enabled me to gain insights into the larger cybersecurity industry. I learned more about how local organizations in Singapore can benefit from international cybersecurity standards like ISO 27001. I have also been able to engage with companies spanning across a diverse array of industries that require stronger cybersecurity measures, all for different reasons. It’s definitely nice to see companies do and achieve more because of their strong cybersecurity!

What has been your most memorable experience so far at cysense?

Mehak: Reflecting on my internship with cysense, there were a myriad of factors that contributed to an enjoyable internship experience. My most memorable experience was receiving a reply from one of my outreach emails!  Other than that, being able to explore different aspects of marketing and working on the marketing strategy for cysense has been enjoyable. I liked how the interns are not seen as 'just interns', and are assigned meaningful tasks that are beneficial to the company.

I have also enjoyed the moments outside the office when all of us have our team lunches at SMU Connexion. Indeed, the phrase "food connects us all" is true. 
To sum up my cysense internship in 3 words, I would describe it as “Learn, explore and fun!

Yash: I’m very fortunate that every experience of mine at cysense is memorable! Due to the nature of my role, I have the opportunity of interacting with a diverse range of people, coming from all walks of life. I personally find it extremely gratifying to understand the different cultures and their corresponding traits. As such, I became acquainted to a unique side of our world, sometimes, one I could have never imagined to exist. Diversity is such a fun thing y’know!

Dany: Although we have a relatively small team working at cysense, we’re often working from different locations thousands of kilometres apart. Nonetheless, my first time being introduced to the team (albeit partially virtually) was definitely a memorable experience. It was nice to be able to put a face to the name, and understand their respective role in making cysense work. Coming from an international background myself, it's been exciting to work with such a diverse group of people. 

Why is cysense’s work and mission important to you?

Mehak: Cysense is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform for startups and SMEs. Our focus at cysense is on empowering other companies to improve their cybersecurity position easily. By providing these companies with the needed expertise on cybersecurity to get them started, more companies take action on their security as early on as possible. Knowing we’re providing a crucial element to the success of their business is important for me!

Yash: In today’s internet age, with an unprecedented number of cyber-threats and attackers, cybersecurity has become the new gold rush. Cysense is selling one of the most cost-friendly and effective tools, and in a manner accessible to organizations of all sizes. Being able to reach and impact these various organizations is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience by itself.

Dany: Coming into cysense, I had essentially zero professional experience with the cybersecurity industry, and it seemed like it was a very difficult and complicated field to navigate with no background. Yet, over the course of my time at cysense, I gained a comprehensive foundational knowledge of the industry, and was able to understand its importance to companies. This is all the more important for companies that are undergoing/have gone through technology transformation over the years.

The resources made available internally at cysense allowed me to dive deep and understand cybersecurity for business. Being able to then make an impact to other businesses is definitely a self-fulfilling experience!

Ending Note

We hope you enjoyed reading the experiences of our interns! Feel free to connect with them at their respective LinkedIn accounts, tagged above.

If you are interested in an internship with cysense, please send us your resumes at We look forward to meeting you!

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