Our AWS integration is live!

We're happy to announce, we now have an automatic AWS integration with the cysense platform!

cysense began with the mission to make cybersecurity easy and accessible for organisations of all sizes. With this we're now a step closer to achieving our mission! 

Startups and SMEs use the cloud for all kinds of purposes, from building incredible application to hosting and making data accessible. For security purposes, securing an ever growing number of cloud resources can quickly become troublesome and time consuming, particularly if done manually. Even from a cost stand-point some tech teams may not have sufficient visibility.

Unfortunately, many startups don't have the luxury of time and manpower to manage cybersecurity round the clock manually, or they don't know how to configure it or what controls to use in the cloud. This is where we help.

We're thus happy to announce, we now have an automatic AWS integration with the cysense platform! This means time-saving and ease of cybersecurity management and control monitoring for our customers. 



What does this mean for your business? 

Continuous Control Monitoring

Continuous control monitoring, just as it sounds, is the consistent monitoring of controls to ensure they are set up properly to protect your assets. Security attacks don't follow a schedule, and the best way to mitigate against such attacks is to ensure you are compliant continuously (and not only before audits **cough cough**). 

When an asset fails a control you will be able to see it on real-time, right from the cysense platform! 

Automated asset registry

As you scale up your business and build FAST in the cloud, your environment can get cluttered and just too much to handle. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for you to miss out assets (i.e., resources) that may be important to your organisation (and should be secured!)

By automating your asset registry, you are able to identify your assets as you continue building and scaling up. Applying controls to assets "on the go" to remain compliant with your cybersecurity policy of choice.

Evidence collection and policy updates

Having a secure company it's not enough, sometimes you need to provide evidence to others that you're doing so. You can use cysense to provide a proof to third parties that your AWS environment has been, and is, configured properly.

A good view of your assets will help you to shape the policies needed to secure your organisation! You can update the policies regularly as your asset list grows or your risk profile changes alongside your business growth. 

If you are looking to get ISO 27001 certified, this is something your auditors will be looking out for.

Ending note

Cyber compliance is a journey and we hope to make it as easy as every for small businesses to achieve good cybersecurity. And of course, your clients will love that too. 

Get in touch with us if you have more questions about security or you would like to have first-hand experience of our new product update!

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