Our Mission is to Make Great Cybersecurity Available to Organisations of All Sizes

What's driving us



We are a group of entrepreneurs, consultants and builders driven by the mission of making great security available to all organisations. We have worked with some of the biggest organisations and experienced first-hand the pain of using security tools built without the user in mind.

We have also seen the importance of security for SMEs. Whether it's to close a big deal or secure customer data, good security is needed to grow their businesses. Unfortunately, there are not many solutions out there to help SMEs secure their businesses.

That is why we built cysense. We are doing our part by lowering the barriers of entry for organisations to adopt great security.

Meet our team

Carlos Leyva Salas


Chad Richts


John Kinsella


Tan Ming Hui

Business Development and Marketing

Arpit Rathore

Founding Engineer

Rainer Link

Lead UX Designer

Yashwant Jagdale

Director of Engineering

Manitej Pratha

Junior Software Developer

David Young

Business Development Intern

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