All-in-one cybersecurity for startups

Secure your business and meet all your cybersecurity requirements. We take care of your security so you can focus on building your business.

Why cysense?

A platform built to secure startups and SMEs



Get started with your existing tools and resources, no need to hire security experts to build and maintain a cyber program with cysense.



Built by startups for startups. Your cybersecurity program should be tied to your business goals and tailored to your size.



Security is all about people, processes, and tech. Our product has been developed with decades of experience in the field to tackle all three.

Security solutions

What are you achieving today?

  • Get certified

  • Showcase security

  • Meet requirements

  • Build confidently


Prepare for security certifications

Implement frameworks and prepare for security audits faster and easier without spending days understanding vague security certification requirements or answering auditor questions. Whether it is an industry standard such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, or local security and privacy regulations, cysense will make achieving compliance a breeze.


Unlock sales and customer trust

Are customers asking about your security?
Show, don't tell: cysense will help you answer those questions more confidently, and provide evidence on what steps you're taking to keep their data safe. Close more enterprise deals and differentiate yourself from your competitors by demonstrating your commitment to security. Let those questions be about your product features rather than your security. 


Peace of mind for partners and regulators

Make sure you don't miss out on business opportunities by not meeting your stakeholders' security requirements. Whether it's a requirement from an investor, a partner or a regulator, cysense will map your security goals and help you to quickly meet these requirements. 


Build fast without breaking things

Build your business with confidence knowing that you have a security program in place and that your organisation's cybersecurity is taken care of. With cysense watching over your organisation you will be able to make decisions faster, without having to waste time and resources figuring out the security implications.

More than common sense

What our customers say

“Security of customers' data is our top priority, and cysense has been invaluable in providing insights to better manage security risks of our organisation.”

"As a cyber security start-up, we have limited resources. Cysense made it a breeze to prepare for ISO 27001 certification. Without cysense it would have taken us 3x longer and cost at least 10x as much."

“We needed help with building our security policies to meet our enterprise customer requirements and cysense helped us in getting them out quickly. They provided us with well-needed navigation around cybersecurity management, and pointed us in the right direction to improve Innade's cybersecurity posture.”

Building alongside

We're here to help you make sense of cybersecurity!

We know keeping up with cybersecurity can be hard.
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